Our Sponsors

1. House Building Finance Corporation
    The largest house financing organisation in the public sector.
2. Al-Buhaira National Insurance Company (U.A.E)
    One of the leading insurance companies of U.A.E.
3. Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited
    A dedicated Islamic bank offering Shariah-approved financial products.
4. Sitara Chemical Industries Limited
    The market-leader in Chlor-Alkali products in Pakistan; committed to developing Islamic financial products.
5. Arif Habib Securities Limited
    The fastest growing financial services provider in Pakistan.
6. Mal-Al Khaleej (U.A.E)
    One of the companies of the prestigious Al-Rajhi Group.
7. Emirates Investments Group LLC (U.A.E)
    A leading investment company of the United Arab Emirates.
8. Trust Securities & Brokerage Limited (TSBL)
    A leading corporate brokerage and financial advisory house based in Pakistan.

Paid up Capital

The authorized and paid up Share Capital of the Company as on December 31, 2010 stands at Rs. 300 million devided into 30 million share of Rs. 10 each in the following manner:

S. No. Name of Sponsor Number of Shares Holding% 
1   House Building Finance Coprporation 8,700,000 29% 
2   Al-Bhuaira National Insurance Co. 5,100,000 17% 
3   Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limited 5,100,000 17% 
4   Sitara Chemical Industries Limited 3,000,000 10% 
5   Arif Habib Corporation Limited 3,000,000 10% 
6   Mal Al Khaleej Investment LLC 2,550,000 8.5% 
7   Emirates Investment Group LLC 2,000,000 6.7% 
8   Trust Securities & Brokerage Ltd 550,000 1.5% 
Total 30,000,000 100%